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Saturday, October 18, 2014

How to dress for the different types of wedding

If you were invited to a wedding, surely one of the first thing you think is: what should I wear ?! But no need to worry, this decision will be easier to take if properly analyze the event and options. Here we give a number of tips for how to dress for every type of wedding without falling into errors clothing.

The first thing to do is determine the type of wedding, you can analyze what answering this series of questions:

-Where's the wedding?
-What time is the event?
-What season will take place? (Spring, summer, fall or winter)
-What is the dress code stated in the invitation?

Since many times the label of the event is specified, the other 3 considerations will be the main guide to go right to the occasion dress, so we list below the most common types of events and what clothes are most apt to be a guest that stands out for its great style and not be messy or too elegant for the occasion.

Wedding day

This type of wedding can be carried out on a farm or garden, so they are usually outdoors. The type of attire should adapt to the location and time of the wedding was held.

If otherwise specified, the ideal will be a short dress in pastels or bright and accompanied by colored heels. It may take some kind of pattern or applications. The ideal is to keep the most natural makeup and hair can be tied back or loose, but well groomed.

-Tip: Try to avoid dark colors or attire too bright and flashy jewelry.

In a suit in navy or gray be easy to achieve a happier and clear combination. Wears a shirt in pastel tone and a clear, bright or patterned tie. In case you choose not to wear a tie make sure the collar is not opened. Add a scarf to the bag to create a point of interest.

Formal Evening Wedding

Usually it is related to the "black tie" code or "tag" and involves the most elegant attire that you own, which must be specified in the invitation.

Long dress material that looks elegant and sophisticated, can lead drapes, cuts or applications, but avoid patterns. Always'll look better in bright or deep colors like orchid, emerald, burnt red, indigo blue, etc. Forget the big bags and prefer a clutch to carry little cash as indispensable.

-Tip: Invest in a black or dark dress simple classic cut that flatters your body type , this will get you out of trouble transforming with accessories, changing hairstyle and makeup to always look different.

For men, the code "black tie" refers to the use of tuxedo. If the invitation does not indicate (with "strict etiquette") or are not entirely sure, better ask if you need to use it and currently at the wedding tuxedo is what differentiates the boyfriend of others. The ideal is to bring a good quality dark suit and fit you perfectly combined with white shirt cufflinks or cufflinks , tie and a flat shoelace shoe soles and thin .

Cocktail wedding night

Such weddings are less formal and allow a little more freedom to choose the outfit. They are ideal to show your style and stand out with glamorous garments.

The short dresses, above the knee (without being too short), are indicated. Select them in satin fabrics, with rhinestones or applications. Combined with metallic sandals and bold accessories. Makeup can bring a little more intensity, either eyes or lips.

- Tip: In this type of occasion you can be a little more risky and lead the trend of jumpsuits or a formal skirt accompanied by a crop top in structured fabrics like satin or razo.

A dark suit with a shirt without a tie is the best choice. Well If you prefer dark or wear a patterned shirt and get a little more creative with accessories like handkerchiefs , ties treads or lapel pins .

Beach Wedding

This type of wedding can seem complicated, but the most important is choosing the right fabric to look groomed, fresh and ad hoc.

The short to knee dresses will be ideal for light and vaporous fabrics, avoiding the thick, stiff or shiny textures applications. Palette color should be bright and shiny, so it will be better to avoid dark colors (on all black) .Combina with open shoes, if the ceremony will take place on the sand takes into account the high heels and wedge platforms prefer not to bury you. The hair collected will be your best ally in keeping it in place despite the humidity. As for makeup, try to be light and takes leaves of rice to absorb the glow of your face.

-Tip: The maxi dresses are a great choice for this type of wedding; looking designs with backless or bold prints. Prevents fabric are very thin as cotton type shirt as it may seem that you take on swimwear.

The guayabera is the option that is typically specified in the invitation, but even if it is not the best option because it is more formal garment for men in hot climates. Prefer simple designs and combined with beige dress pants or navy blue shoes can be loafers in camel or brown.

-Tip: Espadrilles can be a cool choice and trend, just make sure they are in perfect condition and completely clean, since in the opposite case will make you look unkempt.

So you know how to dress for the different types of wedding. If you have questions about what type of dress code is not hesitate to ask the bride and groom or someone close to lighten. Dress appropriate for each occasion is part of your Personal Branding, this will make you feel comfortable and always look your best version.

By Fernanda Ortega